2014 Colorado Book Award Finalists


Ernest L. Blumenschein: The Life of an American Artist by Robert W. Larson & Carole B. Larson (University of Oklahoma Press)

Joe Mills of Estes Park: A Colorado Life by James H. Pickering (Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. Press)

Miera y Pacheco: A Renaissance Spaniard in Eighteenth-Century New Mexico by John L. Kessell (University of Oklahoma Press)

Children's Literature

Cowboy Up!: Ride the Navajo Rodeo by Nancy Bo Flood & Jan Sonnemair (Wordsong)

The Mystery of Darwin's Frog by Marty Crump, Steve Jenkins, & Edel Rodriguez (Boyds Mill Press)

The Tumbleweed Came Back by Carmela LaVigna-Coyle & Kevin Rechin (Rio Chico)

Creative Nonfiction

Animal, Mineral, Radical: Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food by BK Loren (Counterpoint Press)

Deeper into the Heart of the Rockies: Selected Columns from The Denver Post 1999-2012 by Ed Quillen (Sidewalk Press)

thickerthanpaint: A LIFEWORK by Sandra Wittow (Rose Markus Press)

This is not a dachshund by Craig Marshall Smith (Craig Marshall Smith)

General Nonfiction

Drink It In: Wine Guide of Western Colorado by Dave Buchanan (Grand Junction Media, Inc.)

My Dog Always Eats First: Homeless People and Their Animals by Leslie Irvine (Lynne Rienner Publishers)

Tasting Colorado: Favorite Recipes from the Centennial State by Michele Morris (Farcountry Press)

Genre Fiction

Changes by Pamela Nowak (Five Star)

Doctor Lovebeads by Gary Reilly (Running Meter Press)

The Mountain Between Us by Cindy Myers (Kensington Books)

Historical Fiction

The Drowning Guard: A Novel of the Ottoman Empire by Linda Lafferty (Lake Union Publishing)

Prairie Grace by Marilyn Bay Wentz (Koehler Books)

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Novel by Pamela Mingle (HarperCollins)


Deep Roots: AspenPointe and Colorado Springs-Together Since 1875 by Eileen Welsome (Aspenpointe)

Denver Mountain Parks: 100 Years of the Magnificent Dream by Erika D. Walker, Wendy Rex-Atzet, Sally L. White, Thomas J. Noel, & John Fielder (John Fielder Publishing)

The History of City Market: The Brothers Four and the Colorado Back Slope Empire by Anthony F. Prinster & Kate Ruland-Thorne (The History Press)

Juvenile Literature

Grave Images by Jenny Goebel (Scholastic)

The Miner's Cap by Ann N. Black (CreateSpace)

A Summer of Sundays by Lindsay Eland (EgmontUSA)

Literary Fiction

An Impenetrable Screen of Purest Sky by Dan Beachy-Quick (Coffee House Press)

Little Raw Souls by Steven Schwartz (Autumn House Press)

Monument Road by Charlie Quimby (Torrey House Press)


Funeral in a Feminine Dress: Depravity Reborn as Virtue by M.J. Burke Sr. (M.J. Burke Sr.)

I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail by Gail D. Storey (Mountaineers Books)

Kismet: From the Joy of Romance to the Agony of Alzheimer's by Elizabeth Gibbons Van Ingen (Daniel & Daniel Publishers/Fithian Press)


Desperado: A Mile High Noir by Manuel Ramos (Arte Publico Press)

Fallen Women by Sandra Dallas (St. Martin's Press)

Missing by C.T. Jorgensen (Five Star Publishing)


Firmament: A Meditation on Place in Three Parts by Andrew Beckham (George F. Thompson Publishing)

The Peaks of Telluride: Labeled Images and Stories Behind the Names of the Mountains Surrounding Telluride, Colorado by Jeff Burch (Jeff Burch)


Little Oblivion by Susan Allspaw (Elixir Press)

Natural Takeover of Small Things by Tim Z. Hernandez (The University of Arizona Press)

Seven by Sheryl Luna (3: A Taos Press)


Finding Cassiopeia by Frank H. Coons (Lithic Press)

Hyacinth by Kyle Harvey (Lithic Press)

Ndewo, Colorado by Uche Ogbuji (Aldrich Press)


Cries in the Night: A Denver After Dark Suspense by Kathy Clark (CreateSpace)

Double Dare by Michael Madigan (Adventure Publications)

The Sacrifice by Peg Brantley (Bark Publishing, LLC)

Young Adult Literature

Ascendant by Rebecca Taylor (Crescent Moon Press)

Backwards by Todd Mitchell (Candlewick Press)