Protect Funding for the Humanities

Protect Funding for the Humanities

We at Colorado Humanities are concerned about recent proposals to eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

The humanities are not a luxury for any one segment of society, they are fundamental to the social fabric of our nation and our communities. Through the Federal/State Partnership, NEH provides core funding to Colorado Humanities, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, as well as all the other 55 humanities councils that serve the U.S. states and territories. This core funding has been essential in enabling the delivery of outstanding programs in communities throughout the nation, tailored to local and regional interest and reaching geographical areas and groups that would otherwise not have access to such programs.

Colorado Humanities and other state humanities councils have been vigorously supported across the political spectrum because people recognize that a strong, vibrant democracy requires informed, engaged citizens. While Colorado Humanities’ revenue sources include private support, the loss of funding from NEH would greatly harm our ability to carry out our work.

Please join your fellow Coloradans and concerned citizens throughout the nation in support of NEH.

Contact your congressional representatives and express your support for funding the humanities. Encourage them to support the NEH and the state humanities councils. Share your own story about what Colorado Humanities programs have meant to you and your community.

You can find the contact information for your representatives’ offices here.

Here are other points to consider and share with our congressional representatives:

Colorado Humanities and the other state humanities councils play a key role in local communities. They develop and provide programs and resources that improve education, strengthen cultural institutions and encourage informed community engagement.

Colorado Humanities and the other state humanities councils cultivate the skills and tools that help people examine and make sense of an interrelated human experience, ask fundamental questions of purpose and meaning, and make connections to the lives of others.

Governed by local boards, Colorado Humanities and the other state humanities councils are independent nonprofits that design and implement programs according to the needs of the communities in their states.

Funding for NEH is only 0.003% of federal spending, but makes a big difference in the cultural health of our nation.

Click HERE for talking points on Colorado Humanities and the state humanities councils.