Research Grant Guidelines

To encourage humanities-oriented, scholarly research on the history, literature, cultures, and peoples of Colorado and/or on regional studies in history and culture that emphasize Colorado, and to encourage the dissemination of that research to the Colorado public.

Applicants must be scholars.  Scholars in this context will be defined as those who hold a doctorate (or highest appropriate degree) in one of the humanities or humanities-related academic disciplines, or who, by their previous record of scholarly research and professional publications and contributions in the appropriate disciplines, may be similarly qualified.  Scholars do not have to be affiliated with an academic institution in order to apply.

Amounts of Grants
Grant requests may not exceed $1,000.  Applicants may combine a Colorado Humanities research award with funding from other sources for a larger project, but the Colorado Humanities award will be made only for a discrete and clearly delineated portion of such a larger project.

Criteria for Evaluation
Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of

  • The significance of the research to the humanities in Colorado. Is the research likely to produce new information, insights, and/or interpretations in the humanities pertaining to Colorado?
  • The professional qualifications of the scholar(s)
  • The project's potential effectiveness as seen in the plan of work.  (Are the objectives realistic and achievable within the time span and in relation to research resources?  Is the topic likely to be of interest to the Colorado public?)

Review Process
Proposals will be evaluated by a review committee designated by the Colorado Humanities Board of Directors.  Colorado Humanities reserves the right to present proposals to outside scholars for peer review.  The Colorado Humanities Board of Directors makes the final decision on all grant awards.  Award notification will be made approximately three months after the grant deadline.

Restrictions and Obligations

  • Although Colorado Humanities research awards are designed to aid and promote research that could be judged critically by national experts in the relevant discipline, it is also the intent that such research will enhance knowledge of the humanities in and about Colorado and be available to Coloradans.  Therefore, the successful applicant may be asked to be available to speak or otherwise participate in other relevant Colorado Humanities projects.  The successful applicant will be encouraged to make at least one presen­tation for a public audience on the subject; such a presentation may be arranged by the scholar or by Colorado Humanities.  Appropriate honoraria will be available for any Colorado Humanities-sponsored speaking engagements.  Similarly, successful applicants will be encouraged to seek publication in sources that are generally accessible to the public.
  • Research projects must be completed within one year of the date of the award.  Successful applicants will be required to submit a brief report (one page) at the end of the grant period.
  • All materials publicizing or resulting from grant activities shall contain an acknowledgement of National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and Colorado Humanities support.  The acknowledgment shall also include the following statement: "Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this (publication) (program) (exhibition) (website) do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities or Colorado Humanities."
  • Research grants may not be used for work on an advanced degree.
  • Scholars may receive no more than two grants within a four-year period.
  • Grant funds may be used by the scholar as a stipend for expenses associated with research for travel to and associated living costs at research sites, for obtaining research materials and for the preparation of a manuscript including photographs, maps, typing, etc.  Award money may not be used to buy release time or costs for replacement of the scholar in his or her regular employment, nor for expenses associated with work toward an advanced degree.
  • Colorado Humanities grants are awarded on a dollar for dollar matching basis.  Applicants must show cash or in-kind contributions that equal or exceed the grant request.  In-kind contributions may include services, supplies, researcher time, or facilities donated to the project. Other cash may be provided by either the sponsoring organization or other sources that do not qualify as third party donors.  If matching cash is provided by a third party source (not the researcher or sponsoring organization), contact the Colorado Humanities staff for additional information.
  • Colorado Humanities grants are contingent on availability of funds.
  • Colorado Humanities staff are available to review draft proposals submitted at least one month prior to the grant deadline

Online & Surface Mail Submission Instructions & Formatting
We ask that you submit your application both via email and surface mail.

Two copies and one signed original-signature application (including budget) should be submitted on white paper unstapled (please use paper or binder clips). Pages must be numbered.  No folders, binders or covers will be accepted.  This paper application should be submitted with a postmark or hand-delivered by 5 pm on the deadline date to Colorado Humanities offices.

Applicants who use software other than Microsoft Word and Excel must include the questions and budget as worded and formatted on the original forms.

All applicants, please also email a Word, Excel or pdf of your application narrative and budget by the deadline date to

Research Grant Application

Research Grant Application.doc

Budget Form and Narrative.doc

Budget Form and Narrative.xls