Greeley's Young Chautauqua star and CH intern, Amelia Newport

In Young Chautauqua, a nationally-recognized Colorado program, young scholars portray historical figures. Through monologues and question-and-answer sessions, young scholars--in and out of character--engage audiences in lively discussions with people from the past, and then provide insight into historical study. Students in grades 4 through 12 throughout Colorado participate in our Young Chautauqua program.

In a series of Young Chautauqua workshops, coaches and students immerse themselves in the writings and lives of historical characters through research, rehearsal, and performance. A student selects an inspiring person in history who possesses the qualities, values, and often life circumstances that they can identify with in their own life, then researches the character, develops a monologue, and portrays the character's personality and ideology, while telling the stories of life-changing events that molded their lives. This portrayal is presented in front of an audience of their peers.

Young Chautauqua raises student interest and knowledge of American history by providing opportunities to practice research and public speaking while being mentored by mentored by Young Chautauqua coaches. The program builds self-esteem and reveals insight into life choices and challenges.  Teacher testimonials

Available statewide to grades 4 - 12.  Currently in Ault, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Greeley, and Westminster.

Past and present schools participating


Highland High School


Weld District 6 (19 elementary, middle, and high schools)

Grand Junction

Scenic Elemntary

Caprock Academy

Wingate Elementary

East Middle School


Boulder Home School Group


Mountain Range High School

Colorado Springs

Eagleview Middle School
Manitou Springs Middle School

The series of workshops is flexible and can be customized to the needs of the sponsoring agency/school (e.g., meeting once weekly or biweekly; meeting for four weeks to meeting for ten weeks; meeting during school time to meeting after school hours)

Free to participants and attendees; a negotiable cost-share is required for implementation.

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To host a Young Chautauqua program at your organization or school, contact Betty Jo Brenner, Program Coordinator, 303.894.7951 x17 or Click here for information about the Young Chautauqua Coaches.


Many Thanks to our Young Chautauqua Sponsors:

The Bacon Family Foundation

The Littler Youth Fund