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The Five States of Colorado, revealing the historic development of a population as diverse as the land itself.

In 1861, the U.S. Congress carved Colorado’s boundaries representing no river, mountain range, tribe, or language group to enclose five distinct areas that are now Southern Colorado; Western Colorado; the Eastern Plains; the Front Range along the eastern face of the mountains; and Metropolitan Denver. Each of these regions within the state’s man-made boundaries vastly differs in terms of populations, communities, cultures, communications, and economies that have evolved from their varied geography and histories.

For release in 2023, Colorado Humanities and Denver-based HaveyPro Cinema are producing a 90-minute documentary film, The Five States of Colorado. Designed for a wide range of audiences from elementary school-age to adults, the film will address the history and issues within these five regions, or “states,” to inform, educate, and serve as a basis for community and classroom discussion. The film will be an easily accessible and engaging exploration and illustration of the history, culture, present-day facts and perspectives, concerns, and needs of each of the five featured regions, and a powerful contribution to public education and discourse.

The Five States of Colorado will premiere in Denver with follow-up regional screenings throughout the state. Post-production, it will be made available as a free, streaming video or download to every public, school, and academic library in Colorado

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The five “states” of Colorado are:


Southern Colorado, including Pueblo, the San Luis Valley and the plains south of the Arkansas River

Western Colorado covering most of the mountain ranges, including North, Middle and South Park, and extends west of the mountains across the high plateau

The Eastern Plains that stretch out from the Front Range north of the Arkansas river

The Front Range, including the cities and suburbs from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs

Metropolitan Denver, distinguished as a separate region because of its substantial influence in the State’s politics and economy

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