An Evening with Dan Schultz, author of Dead Run: The Murder of a Lawman and the Greatest Manhunt of the Modern American West – History Live! Durango

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Presented by Maria’s Bookshop
Location: Maria’s Bookshop
Contact: Mary Schwartz, 970.247.1438, mary@mariasbookshop.com

Twenty-five years ago, inhabitants of the Four Corners region were shocked by this desperate scheme that resulted in the brutal murder of a Cortez police officer, Dale Claxton. More than a crime story, Dead Run is the extraordinary true story of three desperado survivalists, a dangerous plot, a brutal murder, and a treacherous manhunt that brought national attention to our Southwest region. The pursuit that ensued pitted the most sophisticated law enforcement technology on the planet against three self-trained survivalists. Seventy-five local, state, and federal police agencies; dozens of SWAT teams; U.S. Army Special Forces, tribal police and more than five hundred officers from across the country followed the fugitives into a landscape only they could survive. Journalist and author Dan Schultz chronicles the events in Dead Run and ponders the allure of outlaw culture in the West and how it continues to inform national attitudes toward guns, authority, and unfettered freedom.


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