Learn How to Facilitate Community Conversations

Free Facilitator Training for Reflective Conversations prepares people to plan and facilitate conversations about vital issues and questions across different beliefs and backgrounds. Coloradans who complete the training will be certified to facilitate community conversations with our organization throughout the state and be paid for those services. Although current programs focus on the topics of race, ethnicity, dying and grief, war and veteran experience, and change in rural Colorado, Colorado Humanities invites conversations with trained facilitators on any topic.

Training participants will learn about conversation facilitation, have an opportunity to practice new skills and techniques, reflect on and share their own beliefs and assumptions, and listen to beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences differing from their own. Upon completion of the training, participants will leave feeling more confident and better equipped to observe and respond to group dynamics as well as design and facilitate a conversation that allows people to learn more about themselves and each other. Participants will then use the framework and tools to facilitate conversations in their workplace or community.

If you are interested in hosting a facilitated conversation, or in facilitator training please contact Conversations Coordinator LaNaya Butler at lanaya@coloradohumanities.org or 303.894.7951 x13.

To learn more, please contact Conversations Coordinator LaNaya Butler at lanaya@coloradohumanities.org.

Conversations Programs


These community conversations are designed to dive deeply into how we might change the legacy of race.


Free, online conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing rural Colorado.


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