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The issue of racism and violence against people of color runs deep. While we‘ve made progress over the years, this feels like a moment when people all over the country recognize that half-measures are not enough. This is a deep, centuries-in-the-making challenge that we face to undo racism, and we need decisive action.

Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity is a conversation series initiated by Colorado Humanities and implemented with partners to encourage understanding and discussion about the legacy of race and ethnicity in America, and how to make changes now for a more just future. Our public conversations in this series focus on culturally relevant healthcare, voting rights, educational equity, Colorado Indigenous experiences and contributions, innovative housing solutions, the role of whites in racial justice, policing, and talking to children about race.

The panel presentations are available to view on Colorado Humanities’ and select partners’ YouTube and Facebook pages.

Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity Now in Podcast Form

Colorado Humanities is premiering the Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity panel discussions in podcast form! All episodes from the series will be in podcast format on Apple, Spotify, Audible. Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity is a conversation series initiated by Colorado Humanities and implemented with partners to encourage understanding and discussion about the legacy of race and ethnicity in America, and how Coloradans can work together to make changes now for a more just future.

Innovative Housing Solutions

Colorado Humanities is hosting a community panel discussion, Innovative Housing Solutions, focused on addressing access, equity challenges, and solutions across the state of Colorado. Panelists Elevation Community Land Trust Vice President of Social Impact and Wealth Equity Tiana Patterson, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Advocacy Coordinator Mariela Sanabria Flores, and Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Business Development Manager Paige Omohundro take part in the discussion moderated by Cappelli Consulting LLC Founder Jonathan Cappelli.

Watch the recording on the Colorado Humanities YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Moderator and Panelists

Jonathan Cappelli
Tiana Patterson
Mariela Sanabria Flores
Paige Omohundro

Exploring Culturally Fluent Healthcare

Colorado Humanities hosts a community panel discussion, Exploring Culturally Fluent Healthcare, focused on addressing equity challenges, representation in healthcare, impacts of Covid, and barriers to access. Panelists Adeo Executive Director Dr. Sarita Reddy, The Colorado Health Foundation President & CEO Dr. Karen McNeil-Miller, and University of Northern Colorado College of Osteopathic Medicine Founding Dean Beth Longenecker will take part in the discussion moderated by SummitStone Health Partners Chief Medical Officer and North Colorado Health Alliance Assistant Medical Director Dr. Lesley Brooks.

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Moderator and Panelists

Dr. Lesley Brooks
Dr. Sarita Reddy
Dr. Karen McNeil-Miller
Dr. Beth Longenecker

Equity, Educators, and Workforce Transformation

Panelists University of Northern Colorado Urban Education Director & Elementary Education Coordinator Dr. Rosanne Fulton, educator Tim Hernandez, whose termination at North High School sparked a movement of student protests regarding the retention of teachers of color, and Vice President of Leader Development at Denver School of Science and Technology Public Schools Dr. Natalie Lewis discuss equity lessons, ways educators creatively respond to challenges, and freedom dreaming. Co-founder and Executive Director of Young Aspiring Americans for Social and Political Activism Dr. Janiece Mackey moderates this discussion. The program premiered on YouTube and Facebook on Feb 20, 2023 at 6 p.m and is available for viewing.

Moderator and Panelists

Dr. Janiece Mackey
Tim Hernández
Dr. Roseanne Fulton
Dr. Natalie Lewis
Dr. Tracie Trinidad

Voting Access & Security

Panelists Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder-elect Amanda Gonzalez, Mesa County Election Administrator Sheila Reiner, and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense & Educational Fund Fellow Tanner Lockhead discuss voting laws, rights, and solutions for our state and country. US Postal Service Governor Amber McReynolds moderates this discussion. View the program on YouTube and Facebook.

Moderator and Panelists

Amber McReynolds
Amanda Gonzalez
Sheila Reiner
Tanner Lockhead

Cutting Edge Leadership

To help us figure out how to create a better future for everyone, listen in on a public conversation with innovative leaders in health care, education, bias and inequity in the workplace, and racial justice work. Ginnie Logan from Chinook Fund joins panelists Dr. Lilia Cervantes, Dr. Michael Benitez, and Erin Yoshimura in an engaging evening of storytelling. View the recorded event on Colorado Humanities Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Moderator and Panelists

Ginnie Logan
Dr. Lilia Cervantes
Dr. Michael Benitez
Erin Yoshimura

Policing in Communities of Color

On October 6, 2021, at 7 p.m. MDT. Attorney, former Colorado state senator and representative Penfield Tate moderated a public conversation with Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition Deputy Director Juston Cooper, former Independent Monitor of the Denver Police and Sheriff Departments Nicholas Mitchell, civil rights attorney Qusair Mohamedbhai, and Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson. They talked about the past, present, and future issues surrounding policing and public safety in communities of color and explore how to work together to enhance public safety. You can view the recorded event on Colorado Humanities Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Moderator and Panelists

W. Tate III
E. Mitchell

This program is the sixth in the collaborative Changing the Legacy of Race and Ethnicity – Conversations for One America series presented by Colorado Humanities and many partners to encourage understanding and discussion about the legacy of race and ethnicity in America. Conversations examine causes for current situations and offer ways to make changes now for a more just future. This program was inspired by summer 2020 events, when several violent acts of racism sparked an awakening in America and the streets were filled with passionate advocates who demanded the end of police brutality and systemic racism.

Whites and Racial Justice

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler facilitated a conversation with journalist and author Helen Thorpe and former Colorado State Senator Michael “Mike” Johnston of Gary Investments about what Whites can do to support racial justice. The panelists responded to live to questions and comments from online participants. View the recorded event on Youtube and Facebook.

Moderator and Panelists

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler
Helen Thorpe
Mike Johnston

Latinx Equity Before/After Covid

View an online panel of experts from a health equity agency, city government, school board, and chamber of commerce discussing issues and prospects for Covid-19 recovery for Latinx and Hispanic communities, both locally and nationally. This public conversation addresses equity gaps in education, health, and economics for Latinx and Hispanic Coloradans. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing racial and ethnic inequalities. According to recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, white Coloradans are twice as likely to have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine as Hispanic Coloradans.

Moderator and Panelists

Theresa Trujillo
Bobby LeFebre
Debbie Ortega
Angela Cobián
Mike Ferrufino

We urge all Coloradans to find their own ways to contribute to the struggle for justice and human rights, and we are redoubling our efforts to find ours.

We are always looking for ways to make our programs more relevant, more accessible, more inclusive, and more effective. Offering the important Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity program is one more step we are taking now.

Your support is vital to the important and timely initiation of this program in 2020, and its sustainability into the future. Donating today is a simple step you can take now, too, to endorse learning and discussion about the issues of race and ethnicity in Colorado. Thank you!

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