Motheread/Fatheread Colorado

Motheread/Fatheread Colorado trains facilitators to work with groups of parents of infants through early elementary school in a series of sessions proven to raise children’s Language Scores and help them to discover the vital link between literature and life. Children whose parents participated the program showed higher rates of growth on Teaching Strategies Gold Language Domain.

The next 3-day Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Institute will be held June 2023 in Greeley and Pueblo. To attend this free training, register by clicking the button below, or contact Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Program Coordinator Karen Murphy at for more information.

The curriculum uses children’s books and adult poems and narratives to teach literacy-promoting skills to adults. Each lesson in the 29-lesson curriculum includes a variety of ways to develop parents and children’s literacy skills.

Participating parents, no matter what their reading level, read aloud more actively and frequently, promoting home reading behaviors that improve children’s school success. Enjoying reading together and talking about the issues in the stories and their lives results in better communications, reasoning abilities, critical thinking and decision-making skills. The children’s literature that parents learn to share was chosen for its expression of social-emotional themes, cultural diversity, and beautiful illustrations. Parents report that children exhibit more interest in rhyme, interaction with books and awareness of words in their environment.

Colorado Humanities provides training, curricula, books, coaching, and may be able to partner with you to raise funds for implementation at your site. Trained facilitators receive certification, 2.0 CEUs from North Carolina State University and a curriculum that includes strategies for working with English Language Learners and materials in English and Spanish.

The unique, highly effective, and accessible Motheread+Teacheread and Story Exploring curricula help adults — no matter what their reading level — share books with children and have fun while they do!

Contact us to find out about our next Motheread/Fatheread 3-day institute for professionals or volunteers who work with parents of children from birth to eight years old, or to find a Motheread/Fatheread Colorado class for parents, email Karen Murphy or call 303.894.7951 x12.

Motheread/Fatheread in Action

Key Findings

Better Teaching Strategies Gold Scores

Exploratory analyses examining TS Gold scores approximately 15 months after parents completed the program suggests that the program may have a delayed but meaningful effect on the TS Gold Language score. Children whose parents participated in the program showed higher rates of growth on the TS Gold Language domain after the program ended than children whose parents were in the control group.

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