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Motheread/Fatheread Colorado trains facilitators to work with groups of parents of infants through early elementary school in a series of sessions proven to raise children’s Language Scores and help them to discover the vital link between literature and life. Children whose parents participated the program showed higher rates of growth on Teaching Strategies Gold Language Domain.

The curriculum uses children’s books and adult poems and narratives to teach literacy-promoting skills to adults. Each lesson in the 29-lesson curriculum includes a variety of ways to develop parents and children’s literacy skills.

The next 3-day Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Institute will be held July 26-28 in Denver. Register on this page or contact Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Program Coordinator Karen Murphy at karen@coloradohumanities.org for more information.

If you are interested in attending the 3-day event in Denver on July 26-28, please register by clicking the link below.

Register for Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Institute

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