Teow Lim Goh, Julie Carr, and Nina McConigley Panel Discussion

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2023 Colorado Book Awards Creative Nonfiction finalist Teow Lim Goh joins Julie Carr and Nina McConigley for a free panel discussion titled “Infinite West” as part of the annual Fort Collins Book Fest

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History is haunting. And the West, in particular, is filled with the spirits of our ancestors, echoing with the voices of the dead. Not all of them are recognized, however. Not all of them get to speak. What are they trying to tell us? How do we honor them? How do we bring them peace? Tracing their way through the complex, intersecting paths of Indigenous dispossession, Chinese immigration, white supremacy and more, these three authors write into the silences of American history—reckoning with the colonial legacy of the United States, exploring what it means to be an inheritor of violence, and trying to create a space where all of us can live. Moderated by Arvin Ramgoolam.


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