Latinx/Hispanic Partnership

Celebrating Latinx heritage and culture through engaging presentations co-created with communities. Local scholars inform content and partners plan programs together.

Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Live 2021-2022

For the 2021-2022 year, the grant was awarded to the Resident Leadership Council (RLC). Colorado Humanities’ partnership with the Resident Leadership Council consisted of two components. First, RLC members spoke with 450 community members in a Connection Campaign to determine key themes, concerns, and desires. Interpreters for Spanish, Burmese, and Karenic languages went into the community as those diverse linguistic backgrounds were represented. 

Based on their initial findings, the RLC held three Community Academies on the topics of Police, Navigating the Healthcare System, and Youth Mental Health. Aurora Police Department officers, health, and mental health experts served as partners in these educational programs. While the community wanted to learn from the guest speakers and educators, the RLC also facilitated opportunities for cultural education for outside group guests. We played a massive game of Loteria and were able to watch youngsters perform traditional dances. Each Academy served as a great exchange of knowledge, and between 50-60 participants attended each of the sessions. Interpreters and childcare were also available during the Academies to maximize attendance. Colorado Humanities supported venue, photography, catering, interpretation, transportation, and community outreach services. Colorado Humanities looks forward to continued work with the Resident Leadership Council to support community partnerships and foster conversations.

To plan a program with your community, please contact Colorado Humanities Conversations Coordinator LaNaya Butler at or 303.894.7951 x13.

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