History Live Durango! Whole Histories, Missing Stories: Discovering the Untold Stories of Durango’s Past

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In recent years, the publishing industry has seen tremendous growth in books from diverse voices.  At Maria’s Bookshop, some of our readers are excited to find books with stories about someone else’s experiences.  And many customers are finding stories that represent their own experience for the first time.

There are many more divergent perspectives and voices to be heard and fascinating stories to be told within our own local history.

A panel of community members, to include Fred Wildfang, will present on published works and oral histories alike in an interactive discussion of a more inclusive account of the Southwest’s history. This panel will take stock of our own local histories with an active goal of seeking whole histories and finding local stories missing from our own archive.

Attendees will be given a chance to ask questions, encounter suggestions and focus attention on a myriad of viewpoints that helped create the diverse society that we call home today.

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