John Giordanengo Speakers Bureau Presentation – Pueblo

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This talk, based on John Giordanengo’s book, Ecosystems as Models for Restoring Our Economies, explores the elusive structure of a sustainable economy, as informed by earth’s most resilient ecosystems. Ecosystems are masters of resilience, enduring countless catastrophic events over the eons, while building their resilience to future disturbance. How, exactly, do ecosystems accomplish this? What are the mysteries of their structure, and what rules guide their management of resources, energy, and diversity? Are our economies similarly structured, and beholden to the same rules?  If so, how do we apply this knowledge to restore our economies to a sustainable state, so we too may thrive in the face of future economic turmoil?

Rooted in three decades of research and work, this talk proposes a path for restoring regional economies (such as Pueblo) to a healthy and resilient state, capable of supporting human needs without jeopardizing the health of ecosystems we depend on for survival. If you believe nature cannot possibly hold the clues to understanding and restoring our economies, may this talk (and the book) challenge you to think again.

Free and open to the public.  Space limited, so please arrive early to ensure a seat.

Thanks to the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation, City of Pueblo, Palmer Land Conservancy, and CSU Pueblo for sponsoring this event.

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